You may have heard of the term “plant-based”, but are you confused about what it really means? It’s easy to get this mixed up with veganism and vegetarianism. So what does it mean to embrace a plant-based lifestyle? Our definition allows for modest amounts of fish and lean meat, but more importantly choosing a diet heavy in fruits and veggies.

We want to help you on your health and wellness journey, which is why all of our juices contain a variety of functional herbs and plants that benefit the human body. All of our recipes are based on well-loved juices that are commonly blended together in Latin America and the Caribbean. Learn more about the power of plants and why you should consider switching to a plant-based diet.

1. Rich in fiber
A plant-based diet is full of fiber. This helps with digestion and keeps things moving along…if you catch our drift. Fiber also helps control sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes. The fiber in fruits and vegetables helps to slow down the absorption of sugar which helps to improve blood sugar levels.

2. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
These are the main benefits you’ll receive from embracing plant-based foods and drinks. Most people living a plant-based lifestyle automatically have low blood pressure due to higher intake of potassium-rich foods. Potassium helps lower pressure that leads to stress and anxiety. Did you know that plants also contain NO cholesterol, even saturated sources like coconut or cacao?! All of the fruits and vegetables we use in our juice blends contain high amounts of potassium and Vitamin B6.

3. Good for the planet
Adopting a more plant-based diet helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the food system by more than half, according to the Nature study. It’s also more efficient and cost-effective.

4. Improves skin clarity
Another major reason to jump on the plant-based eating train is for the external benefits. Plant-based foods and drinks are loaded with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals which improve skin clarity and help you get that natural glow.

5. Increases natural energy levels
The standard American diet is filled with processed foods, sugar and white flour. These foods take energy away from your body making you feel fatigued. They can also cause rapid spikes in sugar levels (what you may also know as a “sugar rush”) which results in spurts of energy followed by extreme tiredness.

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