People are taking a more holistic view on health, wellness and nutrition. They don’t want to take another pill if they can use food as medicine to reclaim their health. There are many functional ingredients throughout the world that contain healing benefits. The question is what are those benefits everyone keeps talking about?

1. Lower Cholesterol Levels
Your body needs some cholesterol to make hormones and digest food. However, high cholesterol levels can cause blood flow blockage to the brain and heart, which can ultimately lead to a stroke or heart attack. To lower your cholesterol it’s recommended to practice a plant-based diet and exercise regularly.

2. Reduce Gastrointestinal Issues
Probiotics are one of the most widely known groups of functional foods for bowel health. You can consume “good bacteria” through yogurt, kombucha and freshly squeezed juice like our Ginger Greens and Papaya Ginger

3. Boost the Immune System
Age, genetics, diet and stress are elements that influence our immune system. A holistic approach to boosting your immune system is to practice a plant-based diet, move your body daily and get a good night’s rest to recharge.

4. Improve Mental Health
A recent cognitive study suggests that people who eat green leafy vegetables are more likely to hold onto their memory than people who do not.

5. Cancer Prevention
Cancer is the leading cause of death among adults. Research shows that the chances of developing cancer can be reduced by lifestyle changes. Increasing numbers of people use functional plants to prevent and treat cancer.

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