Whether you’re the occasional runner or a gym fanatic, you should consider recovery as an essential part of your health and wellness journey. If you’re dealing with fatigue and soreness you might need to upgrade your post-workout recovery game. When it comes to living an active lifestyle, recovery days are just as important as workout days. Try some of our favorite post-workout tips and reap the benefits later!

1. Hydrate
Proper hydration makes every function of the human body more efficient. Drinking water before, during and after your workout is important to prevent dehydration and injuries. We also recommend incorporating superfoods into your diet before and after workouts. One of our favorite pre-workout drinks is the Passion Dragon juice. It contains maca root (a common supplement used by bodybuilders and athletes) which is protein-rich and helps to improve energy and endurance. The Beets & Turmeric is a perfect post-workout drink as the turmeric serves as a natural anti-inflammatory and relieves joint pain.

2. Stretch every day
After a tough workout, consider gently stretching. This is a simple and fast way to help your muscles recover. If you’re really sore, try using a foam roller. This helps to relax muscle tension, break up scar tissue and knots, increase blood flow and reduces inflammation. Side note – if your job requires sitting most of the day we recommend to gently stretch your muscles for 10-15 minutes a day.

3. Wear compression clothing
Some people wear this type of clothing during a workout to prevent chafing and rashes, but it also benefits your body post-exercise. These form-fitting garments relieve muscle stiffness and help reduce the time for muscles to repair themselves.

4. Focus on your breathing
If you recently started working out again you may find that it’s difficult to control your breathing. It’s important to keep a rhythm during exercise, but it’s also important to focus on you breathing after a workout. Inhale deeply through your nostrils to fill your belly with air and exhale. This will help bring your heart rate down and increases your ability to relax.

5. Eat healthy recovery foods
Consuming the right foods and drinks after a workout can help you recover faster and build muscle. Most dietitians recommend eating something within 30 minutes after a workout. After using up its available energy, your body needs to be filled to repair the micro damage caused by exercise. Skipping post-workout refueling can leave you feeling tired and foggy. One of our favorite recovery drinks is the Beets & Turmeric juice! The beets help with muscle recovery while turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory.

6. Rest and relax
To avoid overtraining make sure to allow yourself time to rest and relax. Time is one of the best ways to recover and heal from any illness or injury. It’s amazing how the body naturally takes care of itself.

7. Take a cold bath
Tough workouts don’t have to result in aching muscles. If ice baths aren’t your thing, skip the ice cubes and try taking a cool bath instead. The cold water immediately helps reduce muscle inflammation and soreness.

8. Get a massage
If all else fails, we recommend treating yourself to a massage followed by a good night’s sleep.

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