Juice cleanses are trendy and may seem effective, but many nutritionists agree they do your body more harm than good. Yes, you’ll quickly lose some weight, but it is not a healthy solution for long-term weight management. Many times people regain the weight after they completed their juice cleanse.

Ditch the detox and incorporate Just Made juice into your daily routine. Our tropical juices are about adding nutrients into your body, not stripping them away. We use functional, plant-based ingredients that provide health benefits in every bottle.

Here’s what some nutritionists are saying about juice cleansing:

  1. These “diet detoxes” actually strip nutrients from your body, which can lead to dehydration and imbalanced electrolytes.
  2. Juice fasts are low in protein. We need protein to build muscle, strengthen bones and provide energy to the body through calories.
  3. Juice cleanses are often very low in calories. Not eating enough calories may slow down your metabolism. Your body is attempting to conserve and store energy. This may make you feel weak and tired.
  4. Cleanses legitimize the idea that indulgence should be punished.  Life is about balance. Sometimes you want ice cream and sometimes you want a salad. It’s okay to overindulge every once in a while, just don’t beat yourself up for it.
  5. Remember when juice was just juice? Now if you want to do a juice detox it costs you an arm and a leg.

There is no scientific evidence that a juice cleanse improves your health, although you may experience a slight placebo effect that leaves you feeling healthier after a cleanse. Before you buy a set of cleansing juices to detox, double check with your doctor or dietitian to confirm you have all the information and that it’s right for you.

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