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From the vine to your bottle

We’ve made it our mission to blend culture, quality, and experience – the Just Made way. Blending memories of drinking fresh juices at home in Nicaragua, purpose-led farming partnerships and premium, nutritious ingredients, we’re on a mission to create products that deliver an unforgettable experience.

Escape the Ordinary.

Tropical Plants + Herbs

Our nuanced blends feature tropical fruits and veggies, packed with more vitamins, more antioxidants, and more fiber than the other leading brands. And, transparency is our love language – no added nasty preservatives, clean, easy to read labels, and plant-based PET bottles. Because…we love the planet just as much as we love you 💚

Functional Ingredients

We don’t stop at nutrient-rich fruits and veggies because…we care about your health just as much as you do! Finding juices that provide a multitude of nutrients can be hard to find. We infuse functional ingredients like turmeric, maca root, ashwaghanda, ginger, and camu camu to give your body the extra boost it needs.

Just Made. Made Justly.®

We may be hard at work blending and bottling, but if it wasn’t for our dedicated farmers, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with the highest quality juices. From vine to bottle, they ensure each crop is picked at peak freshness to deliver the most nutritious fruits and vegetables.

With every bottle of Just Made juice sold, we donate 5¢ back to our farmers. What this looks like is providing funding for their communities through educational resources, so they know while they’re in the field harvesting our fruit, their children are in the classroom being inspired and encouraged to chase their dreams.


Functional ingredients have been used for centuries to treat and improve health conditions. Their “functionality” comes from having additional health benefits beyond their nutritional value. You want products that blend function, nutrition, and taste. So, we take the healing power of plants, blend them with vibrant, refreshing flavors and create out of this world cold pressed juices that fortify your body (and taste just as good).


Cold Pressed, 100% plant-based juices 

Cold Pressed, 100% plant-based juices 

Cold Pressed, 100% plant-based juices 

We’re in business to change lives. Just like we believe in equal access to wellness, we also believe in equal access to education and resources. That’s why we donate 5¢ for every bottle sold to our farming communities, including curriculum material, educator trainings, and quality school facilities. We’re happy to be a part of the B Corporation community and understand the importance of transparency. So, every year we compile a report that shows you exactly where your money is going. We get to see the change your purchase makes on the lives of our farmers and their families, and we think you should too!


We Get People Talking

“"Sampled many different flavors and LOVED each one I tried. So excited for this brand to be at HEB. If you've never tried it, do it! Pick up a bottle -- you won't be disappointed."”

Cathlena C.

“"Delicious! Just tried the turmeric one. It's very refreshing with the right amount of sweetness. The flavor of the fruit is real and fresh! Looking forward to trying more."”

Francia V.

“"Tasted every juice and loved them. I'm a huge juicer myself and really liked the blends created here. You must try the papaya ginger!"”

Bradley M.

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