A satiating blend of avocado, cucumber, celery and spinach, so tasty and beneficial! Give your brain a big dose of health in every sip.

Have you ever drank a “healthy” smoothie and felt the grainy, fake sugar aftertaste?

We did…one too many times.

So, our team got to work. Secretly working away, tweaking and re-tweaking, until we crafted (in our humble opinion), the most nourishing, smooth, and nutrient-dense smoothie to market. The Just Made smoothie has a silky smooth finish while still packing a nutrient-dense punch. Did we mention they are 100% plant-based? Yes, REAL ingredients, REAL traditional smoothie texture, NO added sugars, ALL the benefits.

Packed with over 1+ billion probiotics and crafted to boost immunity, improve gut health and brain health, we’re making strides for a healthier, higher quality addition to the produce category. Will you join us?


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