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farmers info


We believe in using business as a force for good. For every bottle sold, we donate 5¢ to support local schools, teachers and students in rural Latin America and the Caribbean. Our team works directly with school administrators and teachers to determine the best uses for these funds.

Since 2016, we have invested in training, supplies and basic infrastructure. The fund is managed by Just Made, so 100% of the money goes toward empowering our farming communities and their families.

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5 cent stories


Macario García Miranda

Farm Name: Santa Amalia
Crops: Persian Lime
I have spent my entire life watching my family work tirelessly in the fields. We come from a long line of dedicated farmers and it's a way of life that we cherish and take great pride in.
As a kid, I helped my dad milk the cattle and it was the first time that I milked a cow by myself!

María Lopez García

Farm Name: Tepames
est: 2020
Crops: Persian Lime
Every morning, one of my favorite moments in the field is watching the sunrise through the lime trees - a lovely spectacle gifted by nature.

Jonathan Ron Quinto

Farm Name: El Naranjo
est: 2018
Crops: Persian Limes
One of my favorite memories is from a rainy night at the ranch. The next morning, as we arrived, the truck got stuck. One of my coworkers went down to push it, but the tire filled with mud and it became a hilarious situation. Although it was initially stressful, we all laughed and had a great time.

Before we can create a recipe for nutritious and flavorful juices, we use the recipe for growing the very best fruits and vegetables.

The most important ingredients for that are: naturally rich soil, the perfect climate, and a wealth of knowledge and experience handed down through generations of farming families around the world.