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Uniquely Delicious.
Powerfully Nutritious.
Just Made.

At Just Made, we support family farmers around the world who continue to use traditional and sustainable methods by purchasing the fruits of their labors and by purposefully investing in their local communities. In the process, we happen to produce the most unique, nutritious and flavorful cold-pressed juices, fruit blends and plant-based snacks available.

“Growing up on a farm in middle America taught me about hard work and how global agricultural markets function. In the agricultural value chain, farmers typically receive the least amount for their produce. They work hard, take the most risk, and are often rewarded the least. Many times, they are happy to just cover their costs of production, while brokers and intermediaries earn a fixed profit. Just Made is about being just with our farmers, so that they too benefit from their hard work and willingness to take risks for our enjoyment.”

Walter Nimocks, COO & Co-Founder