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While living and traveling in South America, founders of Just Made, Walter & Norka Nimocks, encountered a wide variety of tropical fruits.

Amazed at the uniqueness of these fruits, they explored their nutritional characteristics and functional properties. Not only were these tropical juices delicious, but they offered superior health benefits.

A few years later they returned to the United States with a passion for sharing the “secrets of the tropics” with their family, friends and now you!

Just Made



“Growing up on a farm in middle America taught me about hard work and how global agricultural markets function. In the agricultural value chain, farmers typically receive the least amount for their produce. They work hard, take the most risk, and are often rewarded the least. Many times, they are happy to just cover their costs of production, while brokers and intermediaries earn a fixed profit. Just Made is about being just with our farmers, so that they too benefit from their hard work and willingness to take risks for our enjoyment.”

– Walter Nimocks, CEO & Co-Founder

Give Back With Every Bottle

We believe in using business as a force for good. For every bottle sold, we donate 5¢ to support local schools, teachers and students in rural Latin America and the Caribbean. Our team works directly with school administrators and teachers to determine the best uses for these funds.

Since 2016, we have invested in training, supplies and basic infrastructure. The fund is managed by Just Made, so 100% of the money goes toward empowering our farming communities and their families. Just Made. Made Justly.®

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